Child/Young Person

If you live in Birmingham or go to a school in Birmingham, we can help you if:

  • your parents are separated or divorced or
  • someone important to you has died.

You may be feeling angry, frightened, alone, confused, sad.


Please phone us on 0121 444 5454 to talk with someone or contact us by email or post to get in touch with us.

“You listened to me when no one would.
You spoke to me and gave me love.
You cared for me when I had tears in my eyes.
Due to the past and all the lies,
I felt like a dead person with no heartbeat
Until you came along and turned over a new leaf.
All the tears I flood at home
In the world I felt alone.
I’d never imagine my councillor would be like me,
Until I actually met you!
You have showed me how to deal with death, abuse and parents!
So that I thank you.”

A young person after counselling sessions with BTHC.