Determination (Hanging on in there!)

It’s a funny time at Beyond the Horizon Charity. 

Perhaps it reflects the “funny”, for want of a better word, time that the world seems to be having.  We have been around for 15 years but there is lots of uncertainty about our future due to funding and we are doing all that we can to try to secure funds for the charity into 2019.

Again, uncertainty and change is everywhere. 

Working as a therapist in this uncertainty can be tough.  In order to offer effective therapy and emotional support to children and young people and their families we need solid ground beneath our feet so that we have the strength and support to hold their grief and distress and help them to navigate their way through it.

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Annual Report 2017-18

“Helping young people after loss.”

As an organisation, Beyond the Horizon Charity strives to relieve distress and protect the good health of young people and their families who have experienced bereavement, domestic abuse or relationship breakdown.

Inside this report, you will hear from young people, parents, schools and professionals and from some of our team members, with examples of the wide-ranging impact and changes that can occur for young people and families who receive our counselling support.

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Children In Need Funding for BEAR Project

We have recently been successful in our application to Children In Need to work with parents and children together in the days, weeks and months following a bereavement.  The BEAR project (Bereavement, Emotions And Resilience) will offer short term support to families.BEAR_Logo_Orange_type2

How to make a support request

We accept requests for support from parents/carers/young people and other professionals.

We recommend that you contact us either by telephone or email to see whether we can offer the support you are looking for.  One of our Team Members will then advise you on the next steps.

Our telephone number is 0121 444 5454

Our email address is

We look forward to hearing from you.